9 Wine Style wine salon

We always look forward to ” Zira salon ” (the jargon name for this wine salon) though there is some sentimental connection between us and this wine event. And we’re not alone, all Belgrade wine audience likes this festival because of its atmosphere which is a strange blend of nobles exhibitors and visitors from all public categories, It is only necessary that you are a wine lover (till last year tickets were free, all wine lovers who signed up through the website received the invitation, and commercial sales started from the last fair). Also, for a long time,”Zira” has been the only a wine event that was happening in the spring, and which we eagerly awaiting from Christmas. Things have changed over the years, but “Zira” have a special place in the heart of Serbian wine lovers, and it can be seen and felt in the showroom. Few hours since the beginning of the descent, pleasure is a real great, and at moments looks like a performance with the unbelievable amount of good vibrations. But amount of quality wines that will be presented to Belgradians has not changed yet. Apart from domestic winemakers, Serbian foreign wine exporters also participate in the festival, (the relationship with domestic wines is about half – half), so the Belgrade audience is in a position to try the much good wines. This year also has a lot of wine from Italy and Spania, and, of course, from the neighborhood of Croatia and Macedonia.
Highlighted : guest from Istria, Kozlovic winery and Capo winery, Tikves winery from Macedonia with new amaizing Cabernet Franc, and the first presentation of Bulgarian wines in Serbia from Villa Yustina winery and their excellent Chardonnay bariquee and Rubin Rose wine. From the domestic winemakers, great interest was sparked by Mr Oskar Maurer with a whole range of his exotic wines as well as his presence too, he is a rare guest at wine events.
And all the other exhibitors have brought the best they have and selflessly poured into the visitors glasses. An event to remember as always.See you at the next, jubilee 10 Wine Style wine salon!
9th Wine style salon Belgrade