94. Rizling Rajnski 2014 – Radovanovic winery

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On June 29, 2017
Last modified:May 16, 2021


rizlingradovanvicVintage2019. It seems that a return to the classic Riesling will definitely follow, the wine is aromatic, pleasant taste, with a lot of freshness, but still young for Riesling wines, let’s wait and see how it will developing. Honestly, we will miss that old version of a gentle semi-dry aromatic wine.


Vintage2017. Back to the semi dry, gentle version, light and aromatic.Nice wine.
Vintage2016. For the first time after 5 years in the dry version, quite sharp and very fresh, unusual for this wine.


Vintage 2014 Color pal lemon yellow, Smell of fruit, flowers and brass. The body of medium to thin. In the mouth sweet, fresh and aromatic..  Apple, white peach and honey, maybe some minerals in the background.  Medium to short long finish, aromatic with a mild fruit acids.


 Vintage 2012. Color light gold. Smell of sweet apple, citrus, and flowers. The body of medium . On the palate surprisingly strong, robust in the mouth, pleasant acid. The taste of , apples, pear and honey and some herbal. Medium long finish full of sweetness and crispy acid.



What else? By 2011 Mr. Radovanovic was producing  “classic” Riesling and then decided that this future is the  semi-sweet version. And since then we fell in love with this wine . Cheerful wine, a lot of joy of life, strength and  sweetness, Rhine Riesling presented in the good way.  This “light” version from 2014 is especially dear to me, because it is incredibly easy to drink, the right wine for long-term enjoyment. And the price is more than good .



Name : Rajnski Rizling 2014
Style : semi-sweet white wine, 9,5 % alc. vint. 2012 12%
Grape: Rhine Riesling 100%
Producer: Podrum Radovanovic winery, www.podrumradovanovic.rs
Area: Krnjevo, Velika Plana, Sumadija area, Central Serbia
Price: 6 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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