About us

Violeta i Mileta

Mission and Vision :
1) Present 4oo wines from Serbia and the region to our on-line friends,
2) Improve our written English skills. 🙂
3) Spend free time together and do something creative, getting rid of stress.
4) In case people like this, and enjoy reading it, find sponsors and sell them the place for banner and invest the money in WEST 2,3 levels for getting certificates (Violeta collects them).

Something about us :
Violeta Jakovljevic is a logistic engineer, employed as a bank clerk in Treasury back office, a member of Mensa, a member of Wine Style Club, a member of the ACI Serbia, member of Tai Chi Club Tuna, Yoga Ashtanga Belgrade Club and for 24 years sharing her life with
Mileta Popovic, a logistic engineer too, railway man, one amateur photographer, Montenegrian. Live in Belgrade, Serbia.

Why blog ?
Discovering the world of Serbia wines as lovers amateurs, we met some great people who have become our friends. Being connected to them on different social networks, we first discovered the phenomena of FB, and then found out how huge the wine lovers world actually is. The circle of our friends has widened but this time on virtual friends from all over the world. All reviews here are imagined as advice to our virtual friend who is in situation to buy a bottle of domestic wine, both in Serbia and somewhere else, in order to make the best choice ( C2C ordinary site).

How it works ?
While we try wines, we rely on Violetas eye, nose and throat .If she says that the wine is acid, then it is acid. After that Mileta, who is less sensitive but more hardworking, has to tape it and crop the pictures. We try wines at home, wine fairs and wine promotions. All wines we are writing about, we have tried several times.

Qualifications ?
Our qualifications and references to start with this ? Well, references except good intention and long experience are not existing. We are not educated and certified wine experts, sommeliers, people from food and wine industry or journalist, etc. On the other side the fact that we are not anything said above, give us certain freedom to write what we really think and how it seems to us.

Matching :
Since both of us are not only wine lovers but movie lovers as well, specially Asian cinematography. We have got an idea to try to match wines we drink with movies and books which we associate with them. OK, maybe is not very original, because MR. C. Bronson did something similar in the movie “ Dirty Dozzen”, long time ago.

And finally thanks to everyone who helped and believed in us :
First Ljuba, who helped morally and materially and military :), Dragoje Mar, for international money transactions, sister Dragana for support and wines and everything, Zorica on the encouragement and real help, Brother in low Tosha also on the same, Slaven for materials, nephew Radmilo for huge work in articles, nephew Dusan for fun, and of course all our Facebook friends for their comments and support.
We are glad that we are virtual friends. Sincerely hope that one day we will have a glass of wine together.