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51. Rose 2014 – Raskovic winery

Rose Raskovic 2014

Color raspberry-red., unusually dark for rose wine. In nose, mild strawberry.  Light, medium body. In the mouth strawberries and a little cherry, very smooth. Excellent balance, alcohols and acids unnoticeable. Short, strong finis, very fruity and refreshing. Incredibly drinkable rose…
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Third Beogourmet 2016

Third Beogourmeet 2016

Company “Kuci Vina ” and Mr. Radosav Stanisic organized another Gourmet meeting in Belgrade. This time the emphasis was on the Italian wines and specialties. something less than 100 Chianti, Soave, Prosecco and other shows to the Belgrade wine lovers…
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49. Misterija 2012 – Kis winery


Green – yellow color. Complex smell, apple , dry meadow flowers and quince and citrus in background. Medium body. In the mouth fruity sweetness , fresh and good rounded, more dry than semi-dry. Nice acid. Nice medium finish with taste…
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48. Siraz 2010 – Milosavljevic winery

Siraz 2010 Milosavljevic winery

Light maroon color, the smell of dark cherry, and spices. Medium to thin body, but with much fruitiness. In the mouth black cherry and mild plum and spices.Ripe sour cherries that tickles the palate and cherry and spices with a…
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