Books about Serbian wines

Books about Serbian wines in the English language are quite rare, search engines provide only one. Unfortunately, the status of the books in the Serbian language is not much better. Only in the last few years there are a couple of good issues, we hope to soon will be better. And unfortunately again, all editions except one are in Serbian language.
So, let’s see what we have:


Vinarije i vinogradi Srbije, author: Zoran Rapajic  ISBN 978-86-88617-25-3
Publisher:: Admiral books, Beograd, 2015 Format: paper, 110 x 175mm, 48 pagesVinarije i vinogradi Srbije

Great little guide about Serbian wine roads , done bilingually, in Serbian and English language.
In addition to maps, are presented and GPS coordinates of the main 77 wineries in Serbia, their brief description, as well as a reasonable description of their best wines. Rumors say the new issues will have data on about 150 Serbian winery.. Brochure that every fan of Serbian wine needs to have in his (or her ūüôā ) pocket.


Anthology of Serbian wineries     author: Dukovic Aleksandar   ISBN 978-86-913415-2-7
Publisher:: Special Press, Beograd, 2019   Format: paper, 256 x 235mm, 245 pages, full color

Antologija Vinarija Dukovic
We finally have the wine book in English language! ( More precisely bilingual, in Serbian and English booth) Very nice ,short but informative presentation about 48 Serbian wineries and their best wines. Very good graphic design, amazing photos, extraordinary format.A recommendation for everyone wine-lower from abroad who wants to get information about the best wines at the Serbian market.

“Vinorodna Sumadija” ¬†¬† author : Zoran Dragoljevic Zorz¬† ¬† ISBN 978-86-519-2458-6
Publisher: Privredni pregled, Beograd, 2019   Format: paper ,full color, 280 pages, 235x300mm

In 11 units, the author presented everything related to wine production in Sumadija (central Serbia region), starting from history, regional maps, types of grapes ,calendar of tourist events , and listed all wineries ( belonging their wines) from this region.
An comprehensive book, also very elegant,I haven’t had such a beautiful print in my hands for a long time.Unfortunately, (I hope only for now), only in Serbian language.


Vojvodjanski vinski vodic .2013/2014  author: Petar Samardzija    ISBN 978-86-86285-02-7 2013
Publisher:: NIA Genco Novi Sad, 2013   Format: paper, 100 x 190mm, 286 pages,

Vojvodjanski vinski vodic

The comprehensive wine guide for the wine region of Vojvodina (the northern province of Serbia which covers part of the Pannonian plain over the Sava and Danube rivers) . Release is from 2014, and contains a list of all the major wineries that are registered in the Vojvodina area at the moment¬† Succinctly but clearly described are 82 wineries and a little less than 400 of their wines.¬† In the introductory part, the author has given a sufficient number of historical and geographic data as well as maps of the region. In particular, we commend a brief review (with photos) on grape varieties that are grown in Vojvodina¬† The format is “American” 100x190mm, so it would fit in the pocket although a little a fatty. Unfortunately, only in Serbian.



Vinske etikete Srbije, author: Radomir Vlastelica    ISBN 978-86-918077-0-2
Publisher:: Akademija Vinskog Turizma, Beograd, 2015 Format: paper, 105 x 275mm, 156 pages

Vinske etikete Srbije

The story of Serbian wines told through a review of their label. Relatively new release (April 2015) The following 350 labels, most famous Serbian wines from 200 wineries. Good. graphic design, very transparent, format A4. A good starting point for someone who commands the story of Serbian wines. Because it is in the making of this book participated and Tourist Association of Belgrade, we hopefully that next. issue may have to be in English. This first edition is only in Serbian.



Vina Srbije , author: Slavomir Vojinovic   ISBN 978-86-88217-00-2
Publisher:: VD LUKI, Mladenovac, 2010 Format: paper, hardcover, 220 x 280mm, 400 pages

Vina Srbije

By the time when got out of the press (2010) represented the absolute Bible of Serbian wineries and wines. Of the 130 wineries that have then been registered in  MoA, in the book has been presented 105.  Although since then the number of wineries in Serbia has increased more than twice the book is still ongoing because of the detailed information presented in it. For each winery described the geographical location of the vineyard, production capacity, a brief description of the owner and all this with a lot of photos. Nice graphic design, full color, large format, hard cover, Serbian language only..It would be nice if it appeared a revised edition.


Vina Banata, author: Djordje Ciric   ISBN 978-86-519-1461-7
Publisher: Sluzbeni glasnik, Beograd , 2014 Format: paper, hardcover, 170 x 235mm,142 pages

Vina Banata

Banat is the eastern part of the northern Serbian province Vojvodina, which borders with Romania and Hungary., rich with vineyards and famous fine wines at the time of the Habsburg Monarchy. This book is a masterpiece of a man who loves his homeland and who is also a wine lover. The book is described in detail historical and geographical conditions in the Banat region from the standpoint of wine production, the history of wine making and viticulture in this area, and also a description of the winery and wine from Banat at the present time. Nice style, very detailed and very charming. Nice gift for anyone who likes or wants to or learn something about Vojvodina, Banat and local wines.


Serbian Wine, editor: Bartholomei Timotheos CrispinusSerbian Wine, editor: Bartholomei Timotheos Crispinus

This is the only one English edition, which can be found on Google. I have not had in my hands, so I can not say anything about it , but a brief description on Amazon says that this is ” collection of data taken from Wikipedia and various statistical collections…”
In my opinion the price of $ 58 is a rather large for collection of transcripts from Wikipedia

editor: Bartholomei Timotheos Crispinus
ISBN-13: 9786139185030
Publisher: VertPress , 2012
Format: paper