Red Wines

Crveni vitez 2013/17 – Mali podrum Gajic winery


Color dark ruby red. Smell mild sour cherries. Medium  body.. In the mouth black currant and cherry, a nice balance of alcohol and acidity, Noticeable tannin. Interesting, no earthy flavor characteristic for Prokupac. Short finish full of red berries with…
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63. Stranputica 2015 – Podrum Tosici winery

Stranputica 2015 - Podrum Tosic winery

Color dark burgundy red. The smell of blackberry and cherry. The body of medium to thin. In the mouth, velvet, cherry and raspberry and a little bit of spice.Tannin are mild. Nice fruit acid  very smooth  Medium length finish, fruit,spice….
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61. Merlo 2013 – Puselja garage winery


Color deep red . Scent of plum and cherry  Body medium to thin. In the mouth plum and cherry , nice acids Alcohol well incorporated . Medium fruit finish with little oak in background Very smooth . What else? Well,…
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59. Kremen 2013 -16 Matalj winery

Kremen 2013 Matalj winery

Color dark ruby red. Smell : dark berries ,cherry and a little oak. The body is medium , very fruity,aromas of blueberry, blackberry and cherry.  Also pepper, discreet oak wood and incense in background. Little bit fruit acids, Noticeable tannin,…
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