1. Don Rossi 2012-Rubin Krusevac winery

Don Rossi 2012 -Rubin KrusevacIntensive ruby red color. Smell  fruit jam, berries, plum.  Medium body  In the mouth  aromatic, wild and rugged, Complex  but unbalanced  Middle finish  with  much  fruity acid. Too bad  that someone in the production  did not care about this wine.  Promising but ended  as  “table red ”   category.


Name: Don Rossi 2012
Producer : Winery Rubin Krusevac http://www.rubin.rs/
Area: 3 Morave, Serbia
Style: dry red table wines, 12% alc.
Grape: blend, Prokupac, Merlot, Gamy, Pinot noir
Price: 4 euro/bottle 0.75 l