Dzervin podrum 1927 winery Dubravka 2017

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On April 30, 2021
Last modified:April 30, 2021



Color shine golden light . The mild smell of apples and minerality. Medium body. In the mouth a green apple, minerals and a little petroleum . Noticeable fruit acids. Still, good balance. Medium length finish, with noticeable fruit acids and a taste of dry grass.


What else ? Wine for every day , but well mixed, the famous Rhine Riesling from the area of Knjazevac gave it super quality for this price category. We tried it for the first time, I don’t know what the next vinatge will be like, but this is for every recommendation in terms of price / quality.


Name : Dubravka 2017
Style : white dry wine, 12 % alc.
Grape: blend, Rhine Riesling, Grasevina
Producer: Dzervin podrum 1927, h
Area: Knjazevac, Knjazevac area, Central Serbia
Price: 3 eur/ bottle 0.75l


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DamascusTimeDamascus time (2019)

This is a strong war story and at first glance it does not matching with this gentle and relaxed wine.
But a very drinkable story, and a big pleasant surprise just as this wine.We recommend both .