Vranec special selekcija Tikves winery

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On December 8, 2018
Last modified:August 2, 2020


The color is dark red with a purple glow on the glass border. The smell of ripe cherry and blackberries. Body is full. In the mouth velvety and fruity, sweet cherry, blackberry, some dry fruit and little bit of chocolate . Tannins mature, rounded and a good balance of alcohol. The end of the long, fruitful, with nice fruit acids and delicacies.


What else ? WoW, a wine that fast conquered the Serbian wine lovers with its new “French” style of Vranc, soft and silky, but with all the preserved characteristics of this grape variety. First of the “selection” series with the white label of the Tikves winery, announced a new approch about Vranac wine production, and also announced whole series of quality Vranac wines from other Macedonian wineries. If we know that price of this premium wine is +50% less then Serbian wines at similar category, it is not surprising that it quickly disappears from the shelves of Belgrade wine stores.


Name : Vranec 2012 s.s.
Style : dry red wine, 14 % alc.
Grape: Vranac 100%
Producer: Tikves winery, http://tikves.com.mk/
Area: Tikves regia, Macedonia
Price: 7 eur/ bottle 0.75l
Curiosities:Vranac is a Balkan indigenous grape variety, (http://serbianwineguide.com/regional-grape-varieties/)  popular in Montenegro and Hertzegovina, (although it some parts of Serbia, but small). In Macedonia it was seriously planted at the time of raising large agricultural cooperatives during the socialist era (1950-1960). Someone has assumed that the warm Macedonian summer would be appropriate for this Mediterranean grape. And he was right 🙂


Tikves winery is one of the surviving large agricultural companies from the period of real socialism.
Fortunately, it remained undivided,and new owners have decided to call Philippe Cambie (http://www.philippecambie.com/) as a consultant/ Mr. Cambiee and his young team, for less than 10 years, made a miracle in Macedonia.Instead of the company that was the biggest Balkan exporter of bulk wines, Tikves winery today , has 3 premium wine lines, all taking over 90 points at wine fairs.