Blatina de Broto 2012 Citluk winery

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On April 29, 2017
Last modified:August 2, 2020


Blatina de Broto 2012 - Citluk wineryColor is ruby red.. Mild smell of the berries and spices. Medium body. Taste blueberry, little fig, some spices, pleasant soft dryness. .Little  nice tannin, alcohol nicely balanced. Medium finish with little bit fruit acids, with almonds and little dark chocolate in background.  Real Mediterranean wine , very tasty and drinkable.

Name : Blatina de Broto2012
Style: dry red wine with controlled geographic origin,
13 % alcohol
Grape: Blatina 100%
Producer: Hercegovina vino,
Region : Citluk, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Price : 5-6 eur / 0.75l
Remark: Open 30 mint before drink








blatina grape***Blatina is autochtonous grape variety from Bosnia and Hercegovina
photo on topic by Edi Maletic