Melnik 13 Damianitza winery Bulgaria

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On March 29, 2016
Last modified:August 2, 2020


Melnik 13Deep red color. Smell : ripe cherries and red berry fruit, herbals, little chocolate.
Medium body, rounded tannin, velvety mild sweet flavor of dark cherries, blackberry,and little dark chocolate. Medium-long finish with soft tannin good balanced , tasty.

It is not noble wine, but it is very easy to drink, equally pleasing to men and women both. Story says that this wine had a cult status in the countries of Eastern Europe before their liberation of real socialism, ex East German dissidents and Polish writers mention it in their memories.



Name : Melnik 13
Style: semi sweet red, 12. % alc.
Grape: Melnik 100%
Producer: Damianitza winery
Region : Struma river Valley, Bulgaria
Price : 4 eur / 0,75 l bottle







Melnik grape variety

melnik grapeMelnik or Broad-Leaved Melnik grape (in the original Shiroka Melnishka loza) is indigenous red grape variety from Bulgaria.
Interesting thing is of this grape variety are produced wines in all variants of red, white , semi-sweet and sweet.
Melnik take his name from the smallest town in south west Bulgaria, where this grape variety had been brought from Syria in 13th century.
Story says that Winston Churchill ordered 500 bottles this wine from the Bulgarian wineries every year .