“Made In Italy” – Serbia

A very successful presentation of Italian food and wines, organized by “Porta Italia” company was held at the first weekend of November in Belgrade. In a very relaxed atmosphere at showroom of luxurious Metropol hotel, we had a chance to try the selection of high-quality food and wines from all Italian provinces.
Highlights: real Italian pasta Delize di Canuti made on the spot, delicious mortadella and prosciutto from central Italy, and for the dessert of the great sweet treats of the Condolcezze patisserie, which the charming Marina unselfishly divides (Quadra with cream and orange, our favorite). About wines: stars in the evening kompanija Le More and their wines from Primitivo grape. For me their stunning semi sweet 1971 was absolute champion of the event. Next Cantina del Castello winery, very good sparkling wine,nice mineral taste and pretty long after-taste. Also, my first encounter with wines from Umbria,
Cantina Sandonna winery , very gentle and very tasty wines,my favorite very noticeable rose vine. And last but not least, a Romano winery from Sicilia and their wines with its own story and interesting names.
Pleasant afternoon, with touch of Italian Dolce vita :).
Big TNX to Mrs Marina Condoluci and Mr. Gaetano Arezzo to invitation

"Made In Italy" - Serbia