Medun 2oo8 13 jul Plantaze winery Montenegro

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On November 11, 2015
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Medun 2oo8 - 13 jul Plantaze winery

Dark red  colors, smell blueberry jam, fig .Full body, smooth creamy-fruity taste  like  blueberry, raisins, fig  and little cocoa. Complex, well balanced.  Long finish,  sometimes I have the feeling that goes straight into the blood and therefore we  call it: “blood-heater”. Wine for relaxation and spiritual  rest





Name : Medun 2008
Producer: PLANTAZE 13 JUL Montenegro
Region : Skadar lake , Podgorica, Montenegro
Grape : Vranac  (autochthonous grape variety from Balkan)
Style: natural sweet wine, 15 % alcohol
Remark : Selected last harvest of Vranac grape variety, 12 month in wooden oaks
Price: 8 Euro / 0.5l bottle









MEDUN, hilly area with vineyards close by Podgorica,  Montenegro. From one of the hill since ancient times at the top there was a fortress with soldiers (Ilirian, Roman, Byzantine,Ottoman Turkey),
The remains of the destroyed walls of the fortress is displayed on the label.
For today Montenegrin  Medun is significant like spiritual place because there is born,lived and buried Marko Miljanov Popovic Drekalovic , the Duke oh  the Montenegrin tribes Kuci,  warrior, general, judge, statesman and first dissident in modern Montenegrin history.
In exile he learned to read and write at the age of 50, and written a “The Examples of Humanity and Braver” collection of short  Zen stories with examples of humanity and heroism Montenegrin and Albanians, which are still ethical ideal from the people of this countries.