“ORASAC” taverna – restourant

Orasac Belgrade taverna - restourant ORASAC is one of the last old Belgrade taverns, famous and beloved.
Tavern of this type had the great impact in social life of the city same as  a beer-house in Czechoslovakia.
Today there are only a few, others have been converted into modern restaurants, fashion shops etc …
Tavern is located very close to the University for technical sciences so  that many future engineers and architects, together with their  professors celebrate passing exams or graduation right there.
It is best to visit a cafe in the spring-summer season in the open garden with tables in the shade of old trees, when is affordable and charcoal grill too,and try meat specialties. (This restaurant is definitely not for vegetarians and people who are on diet) The food is good , the service also, friendly prices (portions of eating meat between 7-10 euros, salads 3-5 euros and this year wine list is quite improved, but do not expect miracles.
On weekends it is advisable to make a reservation.

RESTORAN ORASAC     http://www.restoranorasac.com/
Adress: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 122 ,  phone: 011/24-33-048, 011/24-33-569, E-mail: orasac@restoranorasac.com

We recommend :

Cevapcici na kajmaku

Cevapcic (cevap) is cylindrical pieces of rolled minced meat baked on grill, kajmak is some kind of salted milk cream (great combination)  or if you like chilly variant Leskovacki cevapcici na kajmaku (mice meat with spicy pepper )
Cevapcici na kajmaku
OR :    Karadjordjeva snicla
Pork steak stuffed with cheese, white cream and bits of bacon, and then rolled in bread crumb and fried in oil.
 Karadjordjeva snicla