Serbian wine and spirits events – SCHEDULE

This is an “unofficial” schedule of Serbian wine events , made by me and my friend Djordji (akka Vinegalko Lozic) from NGO”Vinska ilegal ” . Big TNX Djordji !
The schedule of Serbian brandy festivals I got from kind and friendly people from the blog “Rakija Uglavnom” Big TNX for Ilija Malovic !

Except this, Wine Jam company organizes monthly one or two very good wine events in Belgrade,
which announcement you can see on their FB page here :
“Vinska Ilegala” also makes wine events in Belgrade , so you can follow their FB page about it too.  “Vinski stab” organizes similar performances several times a year, their FB page is here :
We also try to announce all this events on our FB page :


NAME OF EVENT                                TIME / PLACE / TYPE / COMMENT
Vinski Orlovat                                        January, Orlovat ( Zrenjanin), Local
Festival vina Temerin                              January, Temerin, International, huge, famouse on the Vojvodina

Vinski festival Nestin                              February, Nestin (Backa Palanka), Local
Vinski festival Obrenovac                        February, Obrenovac, Local
Sremska vinijada Berkasovo                   February, Berkasovo (Sid), Local
Vinijada Dolovo                                      February, Dolovo (Pancevo), Local
Klub Vina Surcin                                    February, Surcin (Beograd) , Local
Dani mladih vina Gudurica                      February, Gudurica (Vrsac), Local
Festival kobasice i domace rakije            the second week of February, Belo Blato (Zrenjanin), brandy !
Beowine fair                                         February, Beograd,Internationall, huge, 4 days
Vinarski Feketic                                   February 25th. , Feketic (Subotica) , Local

Rivica Vino                                           March, Rivica ( Irig), Local
Beogourmet Spring                               March, Beograd , International, 2 days, mainly imported wines
Paracinski sajam vina                           March, Paracin, Regional, accent on organic wines
Vinofest Vrsac                                     March, Vrsac, Regional, good selection of domestic wines
Winerfest Kopaonik                              Last weekend at March, Ski center Kopaonik, Regiona / 2 days

Salon vina Kragujevac                               April, Kragujevac, Regional, huge
Wine Style salon                                     April, Beograd, International, poch, very popular
Medunarodna izlozba vina Sabac              April, Sabac, Local
Rakijada u Pranjanima                            at the end of April, Pranjani (Cacak), brandy !

Kolubarski sajam vina                             May, Valjevo, Local/Regional
Tosino vinsko sokace                              May, Beograd, New, Regiona/ tourist , for boutique wineries
Sajam meda i vina Negotin                      May, Negotin, Regional gourmet festival, popular
Festival srpske rakije                              midle of May, Beograd , brandy !
Dan otvorenih vrata vinskih podruma        last weekend of May, free wine tasting in more wineries

Festival Sumadiskih vina                         June, Oplenac (Topola), Local
Parastos dudu Kovilj                               in the midle of June, Kovilj , brandy !
Interfest Novi Sad                                   June, Novi Sad, International, huge, 3 days
Vinski festival na Bagdali                         June, Krusevac, Local

Zemski vinski trg                                     July, Zemun (Beograd), Regiona / tourist, 2 days, charming
Vinski plato Pazova                                July, Stara Pazova, Local
Sljivovacki sajam domace rakije               in the midle of July,Sljivovica (Bajina Basta), brandy !
Vinski park                                            July, Sremska Mitrovica, Regional, New

Zlatiborski salon vina                              August, Zlatibor (Mona Hotel), Local / tourist
Sumadijska kraljica                                August 9th., Gornja Trepca , brandy !
Naissus wine & fine fair                          August, Nis, Regional, 2 days, together with “The Nisville”
Vinski bal u Vlasotincu                          August, Vlasotince, Local, celebration of harvest
Dani sljive                                             at the end of August, Blace , brandy !
Sajam sljive Osecina                             the last weekend of August, Osecina(Valjevo), brandy !
Itebejska rakijada                                 at the end of August, Srpski Itebej (Zitiste) , brandy !

Grozdjebal Apatin                               September, Apatin, Local, celebration of harvest
Smederevska jesen                            September, Smederevo, Local, celebration of harvest
Banastorski dani grozdja                     September, Banastor, Local, celebration of harvest
Zupska berba                                      September, Aleksandrovac, Local, big, celebration of harvest
Vrsacka berba                                    September, Vrsac, Local, celebration of harvest
Pudarski dani                                     September, Irig, Local, celebration of harvest
Berbanski dani Palic                           September, Palic (Subotica), Local, celebration of harvest
Karlovacka berba                                September, Sremski Karlovci, Local, celebration of harvest
Gledicka rakijada                                last weekend of September, Gledic (Kragujevac), brandy !
Festival sumadijskog caja                    at the end of September, Kutlovo (Kragujevac), brandy !

Oplenacka berba                                     October, Topola, Local, celebration of harvest
Zestival Uzice                                         in the beginning of October, Beograd , brendy !
Dani rakije Sabac                                     the first weekend of October, Sabac , brandy !
Festival srpskih vina i rakija                      October, Beograd , Regional ,
International Prokupac Day                       October , Beograd,
Beogourmet Autumnal                              October, Beograd, International, 2 days, imported wines

Festival srpskih vina-Lazarevac                  November, Lazarevac, Regional, huge, very popular,
Sajam etno hrane i pica                             November, Beograd ,big domestic gourmet festival, 3 days
November Wine Fest Zira                           November, Beograd, International, 2 days
Dan mladog vina                                      November, Novi Sad, Local
Big Wine Jam                                          November, Beograd, Regional, 2 days,
Smotra rakije sljivovice Ibarske doline         Novemeber, Socanica ( Leposavic) , brandy !
Festival mlade rakije Ljutovo                     the second Saturday of November, Subotica,brendy!
Rakijada u Baljevcu                                 the last Sandy of November, Baljevac(Obrenovac) , brendy !
Sto fela rakije Jugoslavije                         at the end of November, Backi Monostor, brandy !

Ravangrad Wine Fest                                  December, Sombor, Regional, new
Nikoljdanski festival rakije Senta                  in the beginning of December, Senta, brandy !
Festival srpske rakije                                 in the beginning of December, Beograd , brandy !
Rakija fest – Balkan Urban Experience         in the beginning of December, Beograd , brandy !
Beogradski vinski salon                               December, Beograd, International, huge, 2 days, famou



  • ****** Local means that the participants are mainly from local wine region. Regional means that the wineries of the whole Serbia held at the fair. At Intenational fairs except Serbian wineries, domestic importers of foreign wines and guests from abroad are also exhibiting on the fair.******