Serbian wine e-zines

Personal blog, English and Serbian language

This is definitely the biggest repository of information in English about the wines and wineries in the area of the Republic of Serbia. Blogger Mr. Tomislav Ivanovic is truly a lover of wine, and for last 5 years he commands great effort to show Serbian wine and wineries on the Internet. Mandatory bookmark for anyone interested in Serbian wine.




Plavinci blog spot

This blog exist as part of web site of Plavinci winery, in serbian and english language.
Very original, very informative, with quite frequent publishing of topic.





Professional web magazine, portal, Serbian language

The only real wine web portal in Serbia, and of course, the most influential. Monitors and represents all wine events in Serbia and the region A large amount of useful information for all those who love wine, list of wineries, domestic grape varieties .etc…
There is also a wine web shop, the first in Serbia. Unfortunately all this only in Serbian




Professional e-zine, Serbian language

The electronic journal of above which stands practically only one man, Mr. Nenad Andric. His perseverance and clearly defined attitude and style (the man who goes in small steps is coming the farthest )  managed to impose itself as one of the most influential wine magazine here.




Zapisi jednog MerloaZapisi jednog Merloa
Personal blog, Serbian language

When in Serbia mention a wine blog, first association is this and his owner Mr Perica Radivojevic.
Another man who was by virtue of his way of writing, become very influential in the Serbian wine scene .
A true wine lover, a good writer, a man to whom readers trust.





Wine JourWineJour
Personal blog, Serbian language

This is something completely different . Wine, wine culture, events, exhibitions, clubbing, Author Mr. Nenad Peric is a wine lover, hedonist, world traveler and much more
Great writer, his writing is always refreshing and well-read., because each article compelling nice personal touch. a serious candidate for the the best independent wine critic here..  Unfortunately only in Serbian.



Vino SrbijaVino Srbija
Personal blog, Serbian language

This is the first real blog of Serbian wines recognized and read with great interest here . Being too busy with other things author transferred its activities to FB
Mr Dragoilovic is a great connoisseur of wine and wine culture and its FB page is still a reference for many wine lovers here.





Svet vinaSvet vina
  Web e-zine, portal, English and Serbian language

New hope of wine written word in Serbia, conceived as a comprehensive portal of wine events in Serbia,  There are also a part of the English lanuage
Nice, modern, should have a bright future. . All praise for the part of wine routes
where wineries are shown on a geographic map with GPS coordinates.



Ziveti vinskiZiveti vinski 
Personal blog , Serbian language

Personal blog of great lover of wine,  Zeljko Bohinjec,  acca Somelijer Sremski . The man writes for his own pleasure, with full information and observations about local and international wines.  .Page which is compulsory for all interested in local wines . Need a little self-promotion to become highly influential.




Put Vina

“In Vino” company was the first wine culture evangelist in past decade at Serbia. With their TV shows ( and print magazine they have done really a lot to promote wine culture in the region. ere is their Online magazine Put Vina(, unfortunately only in Serbian language.





Rakija uglavnomRakija, uglavnom 
Personal blog , Serbian language

This is a real candy, a blog dedicated to Serbian brandies, very informative.. Except descriptions and assessments of various types of brandies, it contains a lot of technical,, historical and ethnological data about production, sell and consume alcoholic beverages in the Balkan Peninsula. It seems that behind this are very serious people with a clear vision, is pleased to follow.


Zene i VinoZene i vino
A company’s site, professional, Serbian language

A bunch of interesting and professionally written articles. And in my opinion the best designed web site (though, these are ladies :)) who writes about wine in this region. These ladies are very serious and professional  and I am very interested in which direction will develop this site.



Vino i FinoVino i Fino
Profesinal Web magazine , Serbian language

The  online edition of the journal “Vino i Fino” , (we wrote about it here   Very ambitiously conceived, large number of people from domestic wine scene appear as a guest-journalist….






Vinska IlegalaVinkska ilegala  (Wine guerrillas)
FB page, Serbian language

These guys do not have a blog or web site , they are limited to FB only, and  that’s a big pity. 🙁   Announcements of all the wine events and reports about them, descriptions of wineries and wines, more than 10 000 photos  All that at their FB page






Milan Alimpic FB page
FB page, Serbian language

Well another guy who does not have own blog (and I really do not know why ?). So he shares his wines impressions on his FB page. A very informative place about the wines of the Balkans and this part of Europe and the most beautiful photos from wine trips that neither professionals have.







Privatna selekcija blog

Privatna Selekcija
Personal blog , Serbian language

Personal diary of a one wine lover. Very charming, except Serbian wine contains of all the other wines that can be found in our market.






Vinske Ture
A company’s site, professional, Serbian language

The web site of which is the main topic of wine tourism but it contains many more..







vinski kutakMarijin vinski kutak

Personal blog , Serbian language

New young  lady in wine world. Good luck !







Serbian Wine GuideSerbian Wine Guide
Personal blog , English language (in general 🙂 )

Well that’s us, the hosts, and it is our honor that we are on this list.