Serbian Wine Magazines

In relation to a large number of online journals, printing editions here live quite comfortably because there are only two:

Wine Style magazine SerbiaWine Style

The main content of the magazine is events on the wine and spirits scene in Serbia and Ex-YU region, but every edition also contains interviews with famous actors, local sportsman and businessmen, articles on food, travel, cars, watches … Chief editor (previously was editor of Playboy for Serbia, and his idea to create a life style magazine with a focus on wine proved to be good. The same team  organized Exclusive Wine Salon (one of the largest wine event here) and Regional Wine Conference, every year in April, both . Professional, constantly cool.
” Wine Style” magazine is published 5-6 times a year (from 2006)
No.of pages 86    No.of ads pages 22 (full)
The magazine is not intended for sale (subscribers only)



Vino i Fino magazine SerbiaVino i Fino

A magazine focused on wine and gastronomic scene in Serbia, with ambitions that participates in spreading wine culture in Serbia.
Quite extensive and rich content: wine tasting, wine serving, matching food and wine, gastronomy…
Large number of people from domestic wine scene, (winemakers, restaurant owners, bloggers ) appear as a guest – journalist on the magazine.
After a bit of wandering in the beginning It seems that found the right concept and have a promising future.
” Vino i Fino” published 4-5 times a year (from 2012)
No.of pages 110      No.of ads pages 24 (full)
The magazine is not intended for sale (subscribers only)