Socanski winery Classique 2019

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On March 4, 2021
Last modified:February 6, 2021



Color light yellow. Smell of apples and citrus. In the mouth slightly, it slides down the throat. The taste of green apple and a little bit of petroleum , real taste of Rhine Riesling , even though it’s still young!  The medium long crunchy finish.


What else ? Relatively new winery, established 2012, but the owner is an old wine lover.The vineyard is located in the background of Vrsac hill , a place known for its terroir for very good white wines; where German settlers planted the Riesling as early as the 17th century. So, because of all this this is one of the most pleasant wine surprises from last year. We were so thrilled because a new Riesling has finally appeared here, so we gave him 5 stars 🙂 even though it’s still young.
***** interestingly, the winemaker is a fan of classical music as well (the label say same) , and on his website they suggest Johann Sebastian Bach – Cantata BWV 147 ,as a good pair with this wine *****


Name : Classique 2019
Style : dry white wine, 12,5 % alc.
Grape: Rhine Reisling
Producer: Vinarija Socanski,
Area: Vrsac, South Banat area, Vojvodina region
Price: 5 eur/ bottle 0.75l

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salyt7Salyut 7

Well,this is a pretty serious drama and at first glance it does good match with this cheerful wine that seeks company and music.
But enjoying in both of them is the same, so as the impression afterwards.