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Serbian wine e-zines

Serbian wine ezines

Vinopedia   Personal blog, English and Serbian language This is definitely the biggest repository of information in English about the wines and wineries in the area of the Republic of Serbia. Blogger Mr. Tomislav Ivanovic is truly a lover of…
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Wine Impact by Vinska Ilegala

Vine impact by Vinsak Ilegala

Association of wine lovers from Belgrade “Vinska ilegala”, continues its conception to present young  and unknown winery from the province to the Belgrade wine lovers, this time in very interesting  clubing area in the city center, 5 big players :…
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Vinska Ilegala no.4

“Vinska ilegala” (Wine guerilla) is non-profit organizations of Belgrade wine lovers., which aims is the promotion of small wineries from all over Serbia.. They organized two major wine event in the spring and autumn, and some small in the meantime….
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