The first Serbian festival of natural, authentic and orange wines – Terroirs 2019

This is was first-ever event with those kinds of wines in Belgrade, Serbia. Vladan Stanojlovic Kika (master of WineJam) has made more than 40 Wine_Jam parties so far, and everything of them were ranged from good to great, but this nigh it was the best. Even the biggest wine snobs said “Well, it is good …” . Luxury Metropol hotel hall, good timing, big interest of the domestic winelovers and above all a good selection of exhibitors and excellent wines, made a wine event to remember.About 40 wineries from Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia presented wines of various styles:organic or biodynamic,macerated or classically winified,certainly very diverse, fragrant,delicious and unique, with which the attendance wine lovers were delighted.

With all due respect to the guests :), for me, the champions were domestic wineries : In the first place is Budimir Cellar (the original grandfather Buda’s wines, not a commercial winery with a similar name) with its fascinating Riesling 2004, Prokupac rose 2001, Tamjanika 2008, fresh and alive, completely natural, without sulfur and preservatives,incredibly drinkable. (For the first time ever,without any kind of shame, I was waving with my wine blogger business card and repeating the text: “Please sell it to me, give it to me, or let me steal one of these bottles”. It worked and now I’m saving one bottle of this Prokupac as Gollum :). Big, big TNX to Marija! )Ā  It is worth to mentioning the new sparkling wine from Plavinci Winery, a stunning red from Basa winery (we might see it in the store one day šŸ™‚ ) a new organic palette of young Alexander Todorovic,and classically good neighbors from Fruska Gora Imperator winery, Mcc winery and Bikicki winery.
List of exhibitors – Slovenia: Atimo, Klinec, JNK, Atelier Kramar, Reia, Prus, Nando, Ražman, Mansus, UOU, Gordia, Besednjak .Italija: Dario Prinčič, Franco Terpin, Sara Meneguz, Draga Miklus, Gabi, MiličĀ  Croatia: Križ, Coslovich . Serbia: Ambelos Koporin, Plavinci, MV, Vino Budimir, Stojanović, Bikicki, Kovačević, Jelić, Maurer, Sagmeister, BaÅ”a, Todorović (Ražanj), Kostić, McC, Imperator, Hopovo, Arhangel, Botunjac, Madžić i Todorović iz Knjaževca

Terroars 2019