“The restaurant” Wine Jam

This time “Wine Jam” is moved from the downtown in the posh part of the city, where the terrace of one classical restaurant and a small street beside is chosen as a place of events. First sunny day in Belgrade after ten days of grayness and rain, also contributed to the beauty of the event. 20 wineries, more than 80 wines, warm sun and positive people, all in all one splendid party..
Highlights: New “Fume Blanc 2015” (Sauvignon Blanc) from “Cilic” winery, distinctive style, but new and different and also very good as usual, and another wine from this winery, rose “Xomo Zero 2015”, totally different from the previous version, and in my opinion, the most pleasant surprise of the event. Also new (mineral) Chardonnay 2015 from “Rnjak” winery (Vrsac, Vojvodina) is one of the nice surprises. Next, “Impetaror”winery and their new Traminer “Gratianus 2015”, that promises to repeat the success of glorious ancestor from 2012, new charming rose “Aura” from “Do kraja sveta” vinery, (pure Muscat Hamburg), also new Chardonnay 2015 from “Stemina”winery, this time in a semi-dry variety and fascinating (and expensive :)) wines from “Salaxia”winery, that we have tried for the first time but which we devote extraordinary hive the next time.

Wine Jam Trandanfilovic bistro