Wine Jam Originals, first regional festival of autochthonous wines

Win Jam grew up 🙂 . Wine Jam Originals, first regional festival of autochthonous wines, has been successfully held in Radisson Blue hotel Belgrade. Let’s go back to the beginning. Vladan Stanojlovic Kika, spiritus movens, owner and general manager of the festival has always been a pioneer in the regional wine community, the first real Serbian wine blogger, first who tried to connect winemakers and wine lovers in some kind of on-line community, and much more. A few years ago he decided to go out on the street and so Wine Jam was born. It is conceived as a wine festival that aims to, without snobbery, introduce domestic wines to the young and urban city audience From the beginning the emphasis was (due to the vision and due to the Vladan personal taste 🙂  ) on wines made by indigenous grape warietis,  and we can argue that many Belgrade wine lowers for first time tried Prokupac and Tamjanika wines just thanks to the Wine Jam events.
So after more than 20 successful wine happenings in Belgrade and about a 5 in the capitals of neighboring states, this is the first “big” edition of the Wine Jam festival. Projected as a wine event which, except wines exhibition, have informative and educational component too, for two days of its duration , launched a number of new questions to which local wine community needs to find a response in future. At the first day, which was designed for professionals from the wine world, on the workshops and discussion panels, winemakers, distributors, journalists, people for advertising and ordinary  wine lovers could cross their attitudes and have heard a lot of interesting things. Very good, very, very informative , and very instructive, It seems to me that it is, in some way, help to everybody to look at the bigger picture of the real situation in the our wine m community and the whole country too .
Exhibition part of work also very good. As usual winemakers from Zupa have responded in large numbers so that all bursting of Prokupac and Tamkjanka white (Muscadine) wines.  I am very glad as the winemakers from Negotin region for the first time performed together, there were Matalj, Tanic, Dajic, Janucic, Aglaja… Most of them brought their own wine from Tamjanika black (Muscat rosa ) so the crowd on their stand was huge. Pusula winery shown its new Cabernet S. and Sauvignon Blan 2015 (sold for only two months on the market) Cilic winery presented new Cabernet-Merlo 2015, Vilimonovic whole range of his new products,an awesome Oskar Maurer also show a couple of his wines and all complete for guest, Stoby winery from Macedonia for their ” Vranac Veritas” . Classically good Wine Jam in it’s great edition.

Wine Jam Originals