“Zlata ” pastry and cake shop

So this has nothing to do with wine, but deserves to be noticed, because this pastry shop left deep traces in the Belgradian
history of hedonism. Also, this is one of the small number of pastry shops from the last century that are still working
and the assortment of speckles is the same as when I first walked there forty years ago. So the “Zlata ” pastry and cake shop, a pure history and a cult place for all sweet lovers in Belgrade, The best mulberry whipped cream in the country, same as and grain with nuts and home-made chestnut puree, chocolate mousse, and…
(Cooked grains, minced and mixed with nuts, is the ancient Serbian meal which is also used for liturgical purposes, but over time mixed with sugar, carnation, Muscat walnut, vanilla, and later adorned with whipped cream, is a national sweat that every visitor of Serbia needs to try)
Situated on the Kralja Milana 56 avenues (city center), across the street from the new Belgrade Hilton hotel, plasc to “must visit” 🙂

Cooked grains, minced and mixed with nuts

"Zlata " pastry and cake shop

"Zlata " pastry and cake shop Belgrade Serbia


"Zlata " pastry and cake shop Belgrade Serbia

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