Beli burgundac 2018 Nedin winery

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On October 11, 2020
Last modified:October 11, 2020


beli burgundac nedin

Color light gold. The smell of flowers and white peach. Body is medium to full. Slow In the mouth , glides nicely around, taste of white peach, citrus and a little herbalism.Medium acids, alcohol warms a little. The finish is medium long, strong, limmeta, dry grass and herbs.

What else ? For years one of the best White Pinot here. This 2018 is a slightly stronger edition, obviously still on the rise. Also a different style from the others, so it is a real pleasure when you have it in the glass, since it is could not find in stores, have to ordered directly from the winery.Otherwise a very good wine, like all the wines of this winery.




Name : Beli burgundac
Style : dry white wine, 12,5 % alc.
Grape: Pinot blan
Producer: Vinarija Nedin,
Area: Gudurica, Vrsac, South Banat area, Vojvodina region
Price: 6-7eur/ bottle 0.75l




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