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Zeljko Garmaz

garmaz promocija beograd

Belgrade promotion of the book “Wine Stories from Istria and Kvarner ” by Zeljko Garmaz. For the first time I was in the event that has entered in the wine-lovers legends here. Hedonist,journalist, adventurer, wine-lover or just “our Zeljko” (full…
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Unique works on glass by Visnja Zikic

visnja zikic glass arts

We have the pleasure to introduce on our pages the lady, artist which gives honor to Dionysius with her unique work on the glass. You can see here different themes, with fireworks of colors or precision filigree works , but…
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Mira Kovacevic – Vinorels

Mira Kovacevic

Mira Kovacevic, a Serbian painter, besides her classical techniques, also investigates painting of wine-watercolors. We are glad to hers works are a guest on our site. Below a few words about why and how it works by herself : “Last…
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Good wine books

wine books

When you hit a little more seriously in the wine story and if you want to learn more then you will begin to search for the books. It is the same if you start with the edition ” for Dummies”…
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Serbian wine e-zines

Serbian wine ezines

Vinopedia   Personal blog, English and Serbian language This is definitely the biggest repository of information in English about the wines and wineries in the area of the Republic of Serbia. Blogger Mr. Tomislav Ivanovic is truly a lover of…
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Amazing Wine arts – Sanja Jankovic

Sanja Jankovic wine arts

Young artist Sanja Jankovic used the wine as a new form of artistic expression. Here are its brief explains how and why does she do it : “I’m always trying to turn everything around in the art. Wine was one of…
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