163 .Crna Tamjanika 2017- Timahus winery

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On May 14, 2020
Last modified:April 25, 2020


crnatmjaniktimhusColor dark red with purple glow. The smell of blackberry and grape jam. Body medium to full,in the mouth full taste of blackberry jam and plum.Mild tannins, good balanced Medium long finis, jam-like, with lots of fruit acids. Aromatic and drinkable.

Nice Crna Tamjannika wine (Muscat rosa) , a new on the market. Another of our fellow citizens Aleksandar Pacic which he decided to return to his inheritance land (in this case is Negotin, eastern part of Serba ) and try to produce natural food and wine. We tried his another wines,and in our opinion, he is doing a well job for now.


Name : Crna Tamjanika 2017
Style : dry red wine, 14%.,
Grape: Tamjanika black (Muscat rosa) 100%
Producer: Timahus winery, https://www.facebook.com/vinarijatimahus
Area: Negotin area, Central Serbia
Price: 7 eur/ bottle 0.75l







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