19 Wine Jam

19 Wine Jam beograd

Winter Wine Jam 2015 with the theme of : Serbian autochthonous wines occurred last weekend in the newly opened club “Fabrika”.
It is known that the organizer of this festival,  Vladan Stanojlovic Kika has a huge reputation in Serbian wine world . On his invitation, almost all wine-makers from Zupa Aleksandrovac, (Serbian wine heart) are responded (others, who did not come sent their wines).So that the one place you could try the best wines from local indigenous varieties that Serbia has.( Ivanovic, Braca Rajkovic, Djordjevic, Budimr,  Botunjac,  Zivkovic..)
With the guests from company of Montenegro and Macedonia, (also with wines from indigenous grape) more than 30 wineries and more than 100 highly of quality wines in one place.
And very much visitors (organizers were surprised) Good announcement and the new (little posh 🙂 place of events caused huge crowd,, many people of different ages and profiles were there. (***The first time in Wine Jam event I saw much silicone lips, leather pants and even something from Louis Vuitton acessoar. But that’s OK. Beauty of wine lovers world is of diversity, and it’s always nice when there is more of us and when some new good people enjoy good wines together with us.

Briefly : excellent wine, great atmosphere and a lot of positive energy.

*** Wine Jam is wine festival intended for urban (young) people ***