Shops & Bars

Places where we buy wines and places where we like to eat. (mostly Belgrade and its surroundings).

Radak’s Danube tavern

Long time ago, on the bank of the river, is a small hut with wooden benches where the owner making coffee and cool the beer to local fishermen and sailors from the nearby river ships. When in this part of…
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“ORASAC” taverna – restourant

Restoran Orasac Beograd

ORASAC is one of the last old Belgrade taverns, famous and beloved. Tavern of this type had the great impact in social life of the city same asĀ  a beer-house in Czechoslovakia. Today there are only a few, others have…
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Wine shop “Mala prodavnica vina”

Wineshop "Mala prodavnica vina"

A small wine shop with a range of exotic wines from Negotin area, wineries Tanici, Matalj, Viminid, Dajic, Jovic, Janucic… ( read : the best Cabernet in this region ) Owners are also a big fans and winelover so except…
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