29. Triada red 2007 / 2009 – Budimir winery

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On February 22, 2016
Last modified:April 20, 2019


Triada 2007 Budimir wineryColor dark red with a little rust-red in the surface border. Smell: plum integrated with varietal herbaceous aromas of Prokupac and oak in background . Medium to full body.  In the mouth expressed extract, very soft. Taste of plum, blackberry,  pepper, discreet oak barrel and leather. Good rounded tannin. Medium finish, velvety, with mild acids, very pleasant.

What else? Seriously wine. One of the best representatives of ” soft style” Prokupac wines here.

Vintage 2006 is amazing (unfortunately there is in offer only in the winery, for selected guests)
Vintage 2008 is more fruity,  thinner body, with less tannin and less influence of barrel, and more fashionable (We are not really happy about the new style, but Mr. Parker recently gave him 89 points).

Vintage 2009 well, this is totally different style of initial, so maybe deserves a new name and label.  On the other hand the wine is very good, and for us much better than vintage 2008. Quiet Prokupac with excellent balance of alcohol and mild acids. Very smooth.. The body of medium to thin, taste of blackberry, wood, and smoke in the background. Nice medum long finish, fruit, oak, smoke, barely noticeable acidity.. Light wine, just by our taste.

Vintage 2010. Its look like that gossip seemed to be correct 🙁 The best grape going to “Lila”. Thiny with strong acids, it’s not what we used to be when we speak about “Triada”.




Name : Triada 2007
Style : dry red wine, 12.8 % alc.
Grape: blend, Prokupac 90 %. Merlot 10%
Producer: Vino Budimir http://www.vinobudimir.com/
Area: Aleksandrovac Zupski, 3 Morave, Central Serbia
Price: 7-8 eur/ bottle 0.75l

++ Triada = Triad   taken from the motto of the owner of the winery: ” The three most important things: my family, my country, my wine” ++


Matchig with :

Once_upon_a_time_in_MumbaiOnce Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010)

“Triada red 2007” of Budimir winery for us is, first of all, one frankly and authentic wine. It is very clear what consist of and where it comes from . So Ajay Devgn, king of Mumbai underground , strong, honest and authentic like as Prokupac grape, Emraan Hashmi as Merlot (only 10 % , but he will spice it up properly ) . Also Kangana Ranaut and Prachi Desai also contribute to the charm of this movie as like as granddaughter of the winary owner Mr. Budimir contribute to the charm of this wine :).