28. Medvedja krv 2012 – Rubin Krusevac winery

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On February 14, 2016
Last modified:January 5, 2020


Medvedja Krv Rubin Krusevac wineryColor dark red with purple shadow. Smell : berries and dry sweet fruit.
The body is full. In the mouth robust, unsophisticated, but fruity (wood berries) and tasty.  A little bitterness, good structure, without tannin. Middle finish sour-sweet,  fruity.

What else ?  Very good for winter or rainy days. That  wine made from two local indigenous varieties and costs 2 euros per bottle  so deserves to be tried.I ‘m not sure is it late harvest, or sweetness come from some technological way. 🙂


Name : Medvedja krv 2012
Style : semi-sweet red wine, 12%.,
Grape: blend, Prokupac, Vranac
Producer: Rubin Krusevac , http://www.rubin.rs/
Area: Krusevac, 3 Morave area , Central Serbia region
Price: 2 –  2.5 eur / bottle 1l

— Medvedja krv = Bear’s Blood —-





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