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159. ZANOS 2016 – Ivanovic winery


Color dark gold with shades of red. The smell of sweet pear and honey and mountain wildflowers.In the mouth it is full , heavy and oily, glides on and rolls. Aromatic and sweet, honey, fig and pear.Long finish, sweet-sour pear…
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158. Prokupac 2015 – Budimir Zdravkovic cellar

Color dark red. Mild smell, black berries. Medium body. In the mouth glide around, delicious, the taste of cherries and blackberries. Very drinkable, Excellent balance. The finish is medium-long, sweet and pleasant, all the time you can taste the cherry….
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157. Flavius 2017 – Imperator winery

The color is golden yellow. The smell of sweet fruits and flowers. Medium body. In the mouth smooth, it slides down to throat. Taste of sweet pear and dried fruit, very aromatic. Excellent balance and not too sweet. The long…
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Posip Milan 2017 Ivica Milan winery

Posip Milan

Nice golden color. Smell of apple, lime and some cut grass. Body medium to strong. In the mouth slightly slow,very elegant fruitiness(apple and lime) with minerality. Incredibly good balance. Finish medium to long, apple, lemon. dry grass, a little vanilla….
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156. Probus 276 – Deuric winery

Color dark red to purple. The smell of blackberries and blueberries. Medium to full body.  In the mouth, blackberries, blueberries, black chocolate in the background. Tannins are mild, noticeable fruit acids. Short fruity finish with a sweet bitter black chocolate…
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